Software Development Methodologies for Small Projects

Note 29.4.2019, this article is a work in progress. I doubt that it will rank on google without more thorough content so please leave a comment and let me know how did you find your way to this unfinished article.

You might be thinking about starting a software project with a small team in a large company or perhaps a tiny team for a startup or just on your own for fun. You could just start coding and see what happens, but on the other hand, a good approach might save you a lot of time in the long run.

If you have studied software development you most likely have heard about the waterfall method, Rapid application development, Agile development and perhaps even DevOps. So which approach to choose? It depends what you are aiming for, but let’s discuss each of the options in turn and then let’s conclude with some examples which will help you decide.

Waterfall method

Rapid Application development

Agile development


Examples and Coclusion

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