Is Mirth Connect Free and Open Source

You might be wondering is Mirth Connect free to use in your project if it is for commercial use?

What is Mirth Connect and where did it come from

NextGen Connect formerly known as Mirth Connect is a cross-platform integration engine primarily used in the Healthcare sector. It allows to receive and send many types of messages and allows to easily integrate healthcare systems since it supports many of the relevant standards in that space.

Mirth was initially released back in 2006 by WebReach which later in 2009 was renamed Mirth Corporation which was later acquired by Quality Systems in 2013 and the company later changed its name to NextGen Healthcare in 2018. Looking even further back we can find news about the beginnings of the Mirth project:

In 2006, WebReach founded the open source Mirth project, incubated its code base, and has served as its corporate sponsor and primary source of professional support and related consulting services since the project’s inception.

Is Mirth Connect Open Source

Yes, Mirth Connect is Open Source and it was originally published under the Mozilla Public License 1.1 and it still uses the same license. Looking at the original Mirth Corporations SVN, we can see tagged code versions going way back to version 0.5 when Mirth was still using the Mule integration framework in the backend. Now the latest source code is in GitHub under the nextgenhealthcare connect project.

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